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Tre Pini Winery Puglia Bari

After twelve months in our vineyards, it’s the moment to harvest the fruits of our work. At the end of August, when both sugar level and acidity of the grapes reach the desired levels, the white grape harvest starts, for the manufacturing of our sparkling White Malvasia by Champenoise method.

At the end of September, it’s the time to harvest Primitivo grapes. After a manual harvest and selection, grapes are put in boxes and then brought, in the shortest time possible, to the winery, where grapes are fed into the mechanical destemmer. From here, grapes and must are transferred to fermentation vessels. On the contrary, when working with white grapes, skins and pips are separated immediately.

After that a temperature controlled fermentation starts, during which must and grapesare pumped over twice or three times a day, so that the cap of grape skins is always well submerged. At the end of the fermentation, (it can last up to ten days for Primitivo) wine is racked off.

Finally, the mixture of skins and must is pumped to a hydraulic press, where it is softly pressed, using an air chamber. After the pressing process, the must is moved into stainless steel fermentation vessels, where the ageing process will be completed before bottling.

Fiano Puglia "Domè"

Malvasia Bianca Donna Johanna

Donna Johanna

Malvasia Bianca Donna Giovanna

Piscina delle Monache

Primitivo Piscina delle Monache

Trullo di carnevale

Primitivo Trullo di Carnevale

Sparkling Wine Fajano

Sparkling Wine Metodo Classico Fajano

Primitivo Riserva

Primitivo Riserva

Primitivo "Crae"

Primitivo di mandura Crae

Rosato Bombino Nero "Ventifile"

Rosato Bombino Nero Ventifile